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Weekly Schedule

Create great programming schedule grids for your site

This plugin allows users enter a list of weekly events through the WordPress admin interface and then display the resulting weekly schedule on a page of their choice.


If you feel generous and really like this plugin, here is a donation link on Paypal:


230 thoughts on “Weekly Schedule

  1. This scheduler plugin is awesome, thanks so much for creating it.

    Is there a way similar to adding [weekly-schedule] to a page to announce what's going on during the current time? IE, on the front page, be able to say "Now Playing: [current-event]" (and have that variable insert whatever is on the schedule at that time, drawn from the scheduler events)

    I'm trying to figure out a way to do that, if there's a way to do it with this plugin, please let me know, and thanks again. 🙂


    1. This is not something that is currently possible in Weekly Schedule but definitely something that I am considering for inclusion in a future release.


  2. Hi Yannick,

    Thanks again for the handy plugin.

    Is there a way to restrict editing the calendar to certain roles like admin or editor?

    In my installation it only shows for the admin, I would like the editor to do the actual editing.

    Installing the role manager plugin did not work.



    1. Hi Matthias, I was not aware that editors could not see plugins that reside under the plugins menu.

      I was already considering breaking out Weekly Schedule into its own menu, but most likely won't be able to do that for the next month and a half.

      How are other plugins usually accessible to editors? Are they more located under the Tools menu, which editors would have access to?


  3. Hey Yannick! Awesome plugin. It was the perfect solution for my needs! But i am trying to find out how can i edit the appearence of the tooltip, backgorund, fonts… If you could help me I would very thankfull! Sorry for my english


    1. Hi Bambaran, there is a drop-down box with 6-7 preset color schemes for the tooltip. I guess that you are lookign at having full control over all of these elements? I will look into how to give more customization capabilities to the users for color scheme in a later update.

      In the near term, what I can suggest to you is to use Firefox to see all of the the page elements and then try overrising the tooltip elements through the stylesheet by declaring !important elements for the qip tooltips.


  4. Hi Mr Lefebvre –

    Thanks first for the great plugin. I think its very straightforward to use.

    But I had a – probably a very basic question.

    After I enter the code on my page – the table showsup but just the words – no formatting. There are no blocks or columns or rows .. just words …

    I think in the FAQ no 2 you mention, "Create an entry in the stylesheet called cat# where # should be replaced with the category ID"

    I think thats where Im messing up – and not properly formatting the table.

    I just added cat2 to my stylesheet – but that didnt work. Please help – wp-novice here.

    Additionally – the stylesheet, when I edit it, the editor says its inactive… please help!


    1. In Weekly Schedule, the stylesheet is loaded based on the file name specific in the stylesheet field. Did you change the value in that field?


  5. Hello Mr Lefebvre –

    Thanks for your reply.

    No I did not change the filename. It still reads stylesheet.css as it always did.

    May I email you with admin details – if you would like to take a look?

    My only fear is its not a theme related thing … 🙂


  6. Hi Mr. Lefebvre,

    I would like to use this plugin but I can't get the vertical layout to take up the entire width of my WP page. I do see in the css that it's set to 96% but it's still only about 600px wide and the entries are squished. I'd like the entries to be wider like they are in your example.

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Jamie, can you send me the address of the page that you are building so I can see this problem "live". It is a lot easier to figure out what is happening by analysis the output with Firebug.


  7. Hi Yannick! First of all (of course) great work with the plugin. My question is as follows:

    I have tested the plugin for a while creating and deleting categories and schedule items within the categories. Because the default category colours for the first 6 or so categories are coded into the CSS, after a while the newest created categories within the plugin don't get colours assigned to them as their ideas and related CSS colours don't align. A nice idea would be to link categories with a particular colour from the admin interface rather than relying on editing the stylesheet Maybe an ink dropper.? Is there anything in the pipeline for this type of thing? Thanks.


    1. Hi Chima, I thought about that. However, you might want to have a lot more defined in a stylesheet for a category that just a color. You might want to have different border colors for each category, have a background image, or have different margins and padding. I felt that leaving these options in the stylesheet would be the most powerful approach for users.


  8. I would like to test your WP scheduler and will be happy to donate if this can work for me – I need a way to create links to a url as an entry in the calendar – ie. list event and then set a url link to an event page


  9. Great plugin. When I try to define the 2nd schedule, I can not make the time showing other than 15 min intervals. Schedule nr. 1 is based on 15 min intrervals. Thanks a lot in advance for your help


    1. Hi Thomas. Sure, this can be done. When you have events that are on the same time frame, Weekly Schedule will automatically use two rows to show them side by side and use a different class style for the rows to make them smaller.


  10. Thank you for your quick response.

    Problem that when I have to events at the same time in a given day, an additional "Monday" column shows up. I need the events to show up vertically in the same block.

    See example:

    Also, I have "Cell Time Division" set to Bi-Hourly. When managing a scheduled iten, the minimum duration time I can choose is 2 hours. I need to be able to choose from 15 min and up.

    BHasically the "Timeframe" ( I.e 09:00 ) will list the work-out classes from 09-11 AM. There can be more than one class, thus I need to be able have up to simultanios classes running at the same time without creating an addition "Day" to place them in. This messes up the layout.

    Any suggestions?


  11. I see. I designed Weekly Schedule to show a second column. Now, you should see that both Monday columns have a different class than the other columns so you would be able to reduce their size to be half of a regular column, but since this is table-based, I was easier to achieve what I wanted this way.


  12. hey,

    I'm having problems getting the plugin to display correctly. It seems like the javascript isn't loading but the days aren't loading on the left side either. I set generic settings up in the backend with a 24hr range with 1hr increments and only a few items to start off.

    When I try to change the styling from creme to dark it also doesn't push through…not sure if it is related.

    here's the url:

    definitely the kind of site you can stick in usage examples once it is finished.

    any feedback getting this to work would be great.



    1. Did you created more than one schedule? What is the short code that you put on the page?

      If you would like me to, you can create an admin account for me to log in to your admin temporarily and I can see if any settings are wrong. You can send me the login info using my contact form on the top-right of the site.


  13. thanks for responding so quick.

    we only have one schedule and are using the shortcode [weekly-schedule schedule=1] as it appears in the faq and settings page.

    I will see if I can get a temp admin account going..


  14. What did you set as the start and end times? The Start Time need to be before the end time in a Midnight to Midnight time span.

    For example:

    2am to 11pm is valid

    6am to 2am is invalid


  15. hi,

    If you look at that page now, I got it working.

    The problem was I was not putting in the day IDs by number, instead I used, "mon, tue..etc" rather than 1, 2, 3, 4. Completely my folly.

    Just have some styling issues to fix but your plugin is all perfect. The site should be completely done in the next week or so….will let you know when it is incase you wanted to add it to your list of examples.



  16. one more quick thing.

    When setting up Day Labels, when I put in, "Monday – Friday", it cuts it to "Monday – Fri" in the front and backends. Is there a quick way to change the character limit of the day labels? I've already restyled the columns to fit longer names..


      1. David, upgrade to version 2.3 to see the size of the day name field increased from the previous limit of 12 to 64 characters.


  17. Great! Good to see. That was really quick.

    Do you have any suggestions on how to easily create or copy a schedule to accommodate different timezones? We have affiliates across 4 different time zones so I need to offset events by one or two hours in each schedule but want to avoid putting in a hundred or so events all over again.


    1. Hi David,

      Will all of the schedules be served from the same WordPress installation, just on different pages? Do they all have the same programming or are there some slight differences?

      If the answer to both of these questions is yes, I could add an option to the shortcode to add an offset + or – that could be calculated on the time. This way, you could just instantiate Weekly Schedule on multiple pages, setting the offset as needed and it would calculate all of the times as needed. This should be fairly quick to implement.


  18. All of the schedules will be served from the same installation and all of them have the same content. Each will be on a different page. The idea is to have a portal with a drop down "choose your timezone" which will go to a page with the correct schedule on it.

    The scale (12a-12p in my case) will stay the same but each entry to the schedule will just need an offset start time. I will likely need to go and manually change the entries that end or start at the beginning or end of each day since items do not wrap from 11pm to 3am the next day if you set an item to start at 11pm and have it last for 4 hrs (for example) but that is much easier than re-entering every item.

    I really appreciate the quick responses and solutions. Thanks so much.


    1. David, I have not had a chance to look at implementing a solution to your problem. With the solution that I have in mind, you would not be able to go in and change entries that slide into the previous day since all entries would be in a single schedule. That being said, I need to figure out the correct queries and processing to give me accurate schedules. I am hoping to get to this one over the next 2-3 evenings. I develop WordPress plugins at night as a hobby.


      1. Hi David,

        After some more thought into the issue, my idea of creating a shortcode option to offset the time won't work since my code is stil only designed to render items in a fixed 24 hour timespan. Shifting items won't work.

        So the main solution seems to be to copy items from one schedule to the next, then to manually shift their time or split them up when they come to day breaks. That copy could be done through a simple SQL query if you are familiar enough with a tool like phpmyadmin or whatever SQL management tool is provided with your server, or I can look at implementing a copy item feature in the plugin.


  19. Hi,

    Sorry for the delay in responding. Copying Schedules in SQL is a good idea in lieu of a built in function. That is likely the path we will take. Though a "copy item" feature in the plugin is a good idea. Most users probably wouldn't need to fill literally a weeks worth of radio programming though. Predictably, the launch of our site has been put on hold, waiting on another department to launch. But will let you know when it is up. If you have any other ideas for easily copying and off-setting a schedule, I'm all ears!



  20. Hey Yannick, I'm a student web designer at Emerson College in Boston working for Emerson's student run TV network: The Emerson Channel.

    Here's the link:

    I really like your plugin and would like to continue implementing it on the website but am running into some issues. Currently I have a vertical schedule with 15 min segments for the whole week. The network airs certain shows at uneven times, not exactly 15 min intervals (ie. 3 minutes or 2 hours and 9 minutes). Is there a way to make the duration a custom time rather then 15, 30, or 1hr min intervals?

    Also I'm having a problem with making single cells over two hours, it simply collapses the cell and only shows the image I've coded into the stylesheet.

    And lastly, I'm having a jQuery conflict between the tooltip and my theme's drop down menus, so neither of them show up.

    We're planning on making the site go live shortly and would really like to use this plugin. Any suggestions?


    1. Hi Patrick,

      For the segments over two hours, you will need to add extra elements in our stylesheet to size them correctly. Just look at the css class that these cells are assigned and assign the appropriate dimensions. Now, I don't really have a easy solution for custom duration cells. it sounds like you would need the granulatity to be by the minute but doing this will not work nicely with the table approach that I used to build this up.


  21. Hi Yannick

    I need to use your plugin for a project and i search to have more caracters in "Manage Days Labels".

    The maximum is 12 and i need more to write full date (Jeudi 21 Avril) for exemple.

    Have you a solution for that?


  22. Thanks so much. I fixed the >2hr issue by assigning the appropriate pixel dimensions like you said. All I need now a solution for the custom duration. I understand the coding difficulty with altering the durations, but I really have my back against the wall with this one. Is it possible to work out at least a 5 minute duration option? I'd be willing to try and code it myself, but I'm not entirely comfortable with PHP yet so any advice would help.


  23. Hi

    i used the version 2.3 and i can't have more 12 caracters in days labels, i try to desinstall the plugin and re-install it but nothing new.

    I will try to delete it on wp and delete tables in database before installation.

    How you increase caracters on latest version?


    1. Oops. I see what I did. I added code to increase the size of the name field for people who already had the plugin installed but forgot to change the table creation code for new users.

      Just change the line 67 from:

      `name` varchar(12) NOT NULL,


      `name` varchar(64) NOT NULL,


  24. olá,

    Estou usando o plugin para wordpress Weekly Schedule desenvolvido por você.

    Primeiro gostaria de agradecer pelo tempo dedicado a este plugin e a disponibilização do mesmo na comunidade.

    Pretendo utiliza-lo em uma radio online, acesse:

    Este seu plugin é extamente o que necessito para montar uma grade de programação, ele está funcionando como você pode ver, mas não consigo alterar o padrão de cores nem a posição do texto.

    Se puder me ajudar ficaria muito grato, estou utilizando a versão 3.0.4 do wordpress.

    Tenho um pouco de conhecimento em html, php, css.

    Obrigado novamente.


  25. hello,

    I'm using plugin for wordpress Weekly Schedule developed by you.

    First I would like to thank the time dedicated to this plugin and the availability of the same community.

    I intend to use it in a radio online, visit:

    This plugin is its exactly what it need to set up a program schedule, he is working as you can see, but I can not change the default color or position of the text.

    If you can help me would be very grateful, I'm using version 3.0.4 of wordpress.

    I have some knowledge in html, php, css.

    Thanks again.


    1. Hi Gilson,

      What have you tried to change the color so far? To change the styles, you need to edit the file called stylesheet.css that is part of the plugin files. Once this is done, you should see the new styles.


  26. Hi,

    I've cloned the table in sql and can generate a duplicate second schedule perfectly. However, when editing the items, I found that I also need to clone wp_wscategories since the table pulls css colors based on category ids.

    However, when I try to copy the categories for the schedule, I encounter a problem where each category needs its own unique ID, which means that I need to create additional unique styles for each category in teach schedule (of which there are 4).

    Is there a way I can let schedule 1 share categories with schedule 2? rather, have categories universal across schedules..


  27. not expecting much from this actually since it is inherent in the way the plugin writes to the database.

    For now, I have duplicated the list of categories and will add styles to style each as a unique category with the same colors..


  28. Hi Yannick, first of all thanks a lot for your plug-in,

    I have a little problem, I can't set the Cell Time Division on Hourly (60 min Intervals).

    When I update the settings it get back to Half-Hourly (30 min Intervals), can you help me?




    1. As I replied to you by e-mail, I am not able to reproduce this issue on my installation and would need to get access to your admin to see what is happening.


  29. David, right. My main thought when I designed this functionality was that different schedule would have different categories. So you would indeed need to copy the styles to achieve what you want.


  30. nvm got it! should be live by the end of the week if we can keep it together here… =P

    had to change

    .ws-schedule table.vertical from 100px to 80px since we have such long titles


  31. Hey, site has been live for a few days….we use your plugin for 4 different schedules to represent 4 different timezones across a 24hr radio clock. You can find it under "program schedule"

    Thanks so much for your help!


  32. Hi Yannick,

    Thanks for the plugin! It’s a great and exactly what I was looking for! I am having an issue though, when I try to do a vertical schedule layout it stacks them rather than side by side. If you go to the link I’ve included you will see what I mean. Any help would be appreciated!




    1. Hi Brian. I guess that you removed Weekly Schedule since I only see a PDF up there. Let me know if you want me to look into this issue later.


  33. This plugin looks like exactly what we need… But reading through the description, it looks like the calendar can only be displayed on a page. What are the chances of seeing an “upcoming events” sidebar widget in a future version?


    1. I am suggest two solutions. The first is that by adding a single line of code to your theme’s functions.php file, you can use shortcodes in a text widget and then get a plugin like Weekly Schedule to show up as a widget (although it would be a fairly big widget).

      I am also just learning about how to create widgets and adding my first one to my Link Library plugin, but can then look at creating one for Weekly Schedule. I imagine that a text-based view would be a lot more desirable than a grid view for a widget, right?


  34. Thanks for a great plugin!

    I was hoping there might be a way that I could have different stylesheets for the same schedule. I want to have a widget and a full page version of the same schedule that would need to be style very differently. My thought is including the the stylesheet option as part of the shortcode. Something like: [weekly-schedule schedule=2 stylesheet=stylesheet.css]

    A few other minor suggestions would be the ability to schedule an item for multiple days instead of just one, say with check buttons instead of a drop-down.



    1. Hi Tiffany, each different schedule has a different identifier (id), that is ws-schedule#, where # is the number of the schedule. You can style each schedule different by keying on this id in your stylesheet definition. I hope this is clear enough to move you along.


  35. hello

    thank you very much for that great plugin called: weekly schedule !

    but i am sorry, i am not able to get a tooltip run? please can you send me a sample “html” to insert in “description” that a picture and a description is popping up in the tooltip near the schedule entry?

    you can look at:

    for my installation. everything works, but no tooltip ? is there a special other plugin necessary? is there any other thing i forgot ?

    thank you for your answers


    1. Hi Jerome, The problem is that your theme loads its own copy of jQuery, which destroys all jquery setup down up to that point. You should remove the jQuery loading code from your theme’s header file.


      1. hello Yannick

        i thank you very much for your tipp! now it works very well. thank you.

        please can you send me the html example of your popupbox ? thank you.
        i mean the popup when you roll over the event, that appears with the picture in it.

        THANK YOU for all


      2. Hi Jerome, The content of the popupbox is straight HTML:

        [img src=”/tv-schedule/the-big-bang-theory.jpg”][br /][br /]
        [strong]Season 3[/strong], Starts Sept 21[hr /]
        Geeks meet the real world. A hilarious comedy with great geek references and great chemistry between the characters.

        Just replace the [ and ] brackets with html brackets.


    1. Hi Paul, I see that you deactivated the Weekly Schedule plugin on your site. Please reactivated it if you still want me to investigate why you got all of the rows stacked.


  36. Hi Yannick
    really i like ur plugin very much. i search this plugin a long time. but i have a problem.
    i want to call ical files and optimization with google calendar. i think it is impossible. but maybe next release u can.:)


    1. Hi Melih. My goal with Weekly Schedule was to have a schedule system that is completely managed within WordPress. I was not looking to integrated with external data sources.


    1. Hi John, I see that you turned Weekly Schedule off on your site. Let me know if you would like me to look into correcting the issue. Sorry for the late reply. Life was quite hectic around the house for me over the past few months.


  37. hey man your weekly calendar is awesome but i have 2 problems now. the first problem is something has gone wrong with the categories which i think occured after i renamed the default category to the same name as a second category which made both delete but the category still shows up in the drop down list for events but that’s not the main problem i only have 4 categories but since having deleted some of them any new categories are given very high id numbers and no colors are being associated with them so im loosing the ability to color them now. i decided to delete the plugin and re install it but to no effect all settings are somehow restored upon re activating the plugin even tho i also deleted the folder from the ftp. i was hoping you could help as i would like to use your timetable because it looks cool but atm i dont want to spend more time configuring all the events if i cant fix these issues :/ thanks david d


    1. Hi David, You could resolve your coloring problem two ways. The first would be to go in the database and delete all tables related to Weekly Schedule. Namely, they are the wscategories, wsitems and wsdays tables.

      A simpler way would be to edit the plugin’s stylesheet to create entries based on the high ID of the categories that you now have in place.

      That being said, I need to mention that if you modify the stylesheet, you should save a copy since this modified version will get deleted when updates are applied.


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