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Weekly Schedule

Create great programming schedule grids for your site

This plugin allows users enter a list of weekly events through the WordPress admin interface and then display the resulting weekly schedule on a page of their choice.


If you feel generous and really like this plugin, here is a donation link on Paypal:


230 thoughts on “Weekly Schedule

  1. How would one go about getting the next upcoming show listing on the schedule? I want to insert it in the side bar, with a link to the full schedule. I'm comfortable with running a SQL statement from within the PHP, if need be.

    Thanks for a great plugin!


    1. With Weekly Schedule being primarily geared towards repeating weekly events, I am not sure how you would use it to create a show listing… There is no date field on items, only a week day. Unless you only want to publish shows a week in advance.

      I can look at giving you quickly the code to query events tonight. Or maybe I can see about adding something to the plugin in the next few days to handle this.


    1. Not at this time, but it is a possibility that I have been thinking about implementing at some point. This is still a fairly young plugin that I first released a month ago. I will look into how much work it would take to implement that alternate display mode.


      1. Version 1.1 introduces a vertical display mode where the times are down the left side and days are across the top. Try it out and let me know what you think.


  2. Yes it would be wonderful to being able to reverse the schedule so you have the days across the top. I only have a width of 800 px and need half an hour intervalls. The cells are so small no text can fit. So waiting anxiously 🙂 Thanks for a great add on!


    1. Hampus, try out version 1.1, which was released last night and let me know how you like the vertical layout mode.


  3. I think this would be perfect for me! But the new version is making a new column for each item on a day (so monday has five items and in vertical mode, there end up being five columns)! Is this a bug, or could some other plugin be breaking it? and idea!


    1. Yup, that's a bug. I am working on fixing it but it's taking a bit longer than expected since I uncovered other problems. Basically, a new column is supposed to get added if two items are in the same time frame. But a bug in the code is creating a new column every time. I am hoping to get this addressed in the next 2-3 days.


  4. You know what would be nice… it would be a group calendar that everyone that share and add their schedule. I am looking for one to do like a hookup… where someone can input a calendar, i.e., will be at "Johnny's Bar at 2pm" such and such date, come join us. What do you think?


    1. Well, that's a bit outside of the intended purpose for Weekly Schedule, but not necessarily impossible… The main thing is that Weekly Schedule is only designed to show one week at a time. So I am not sure it woudl make sense to be able to plan events that fall the following week.


    1. To have a search for schedule items? I had not really thought about it since you are only display a week's worth of items, but I will put it on my list of features to consider implementing in future releases.


    1. Sorry. I have been extremely busy at work. Yes, I only put code in the CSS to handle 4 categories. If you add more, you need to modify the CSS to match thew new categories.


  5. Yannick, great plugin!

    It would be very nice to have possibility to display categories instead of week days. In this case, plugin could be used for displaying different channels on particular day. Otherwise there is no possibility solve problem of two "NEED-TO-WATCH" shows that are on the same time, just on different channels.

    What do you think?


    1. Actually, there is. If you enter two items that are at the same time, Weekly Schedule will automatically add a second line to the day to display the concurrent items. I guess you did not try it out or did it not work correctly?


  6. Maybe I wasn't precise enough. If you want to create a site which would display WHATS ON TV. You have at least 20 local channels. They all have shows for the same time. If you add 20 shows on the same date, the table will expand rather dramatically 🙂

    If e.g. horizontal line would display channels (categories):

    TV1 TV2 TV3 TV4 TV5…

    and vertical would display time:





    You could use plugin for displaying whats on tv.


  7. You made a great plugin!!

    I'm wondering if it is possible to put multiple

    weekly schedule charts?

    For example, studio A's weekly schedule

    and Studio B's Weekly Schedule….?


  8. Sorry my English is not clear… actually what i

    want to be able to do is not put the extra information in the same schedule, but actually create a new schedule on a different page(or a same page).

    That will be great if it's able to be done like putting code in html say.. [weekly-schedule2] or [weekly-schedule3]… 🙂


    1. It is not possible to do these things with Weekly Schedule as it stands today. I only designed it to handle a single schedule at this time, but may consider extending it to support multiple schedules at some point in the new year.


  9. Hi! Inquiry.

    Can this plugins capable to use for two different timezone same TV Programs? Possible having achieves for schedule? It seems onces I already input my fields to all respected time and date for the whole weekend, in order to create another week-schedule, Currently I replace the existing one.


    1. Hi Raymond. Weekly Schedule is really only meant to handle a list of recurring events, not to create a schedule of events that change from one week to the next, at least at this time in its development.


  10. Hi —

    I was running out of screen real estate using the half-hour time split. But by schedules needed to split on the half hour (say, 2:30-4:30). If I left it the way it was, the headers would get smashed together and become unreadable. If I switched to hourly splits, I'd lose accuracy by 30mins.

    I'm not sure how this could be made into a configurable option (I've never made a plug-in before), but basically I left it in half-hour mode, and put in a catch to only output the hours.

    if ($options['layout'] == 'vertical')

    $output .= "";

    if ($minutes == "")

    $output .= "" . $hour;

    //if ($minutes != "")

    //$output .= ":" . $minutes;

    I'm hoping this might be useful to someone else. To see what I'm talking about, click here (


  11. Thanks for this plugin,

    i want to include your sheldule in the index page, but i don't made this.

    I include this code

    $page_id = 399;

    $page_data = get_page( $page_id );

    $content = $page_data->post_content; // Get Content

    echo $page_data->post_content;

    I create in page num 399 this text [weekly-schedule]

    It's no good

    Can you help me, thank's

    Sorry for my bad English, i'm french…. 😉


    1. Tu peut t'exprimer en français si c'est plus facile pour toi.

      Donc, si je comprends bien, tu veut afficher un calendrier crée avec Weekly Schedule sur ta page principale. N'est-ce pas? Pas contre, je ne suis pas certain de comprendre le code PHP que tu affiche ci-dessus. WordPress à une fonctionalité de base permettant d'afficher une page de son choix sur la page d'index. Cette configuration est dans la section Settings > Reading de la page d'administration. J'ai l'impression que le code ne s'exécute pas dur a la fa¸on détournée que tu utilise pour charger le contenu de la page.


  12. ok mais le soucis est que j'ai remanié complétement l'index de WP, donc, je n'utilise plus la structure de base, donc l'affichage ne se fera pas.

    Je souhaite le mettre dans un en particulier sur ma page.

    Existe-t-il un include afin d'afficher le résultat du schedule, comme il en existe dans certains addons ?


  13. Il devrait être possible d'afficher l'horaire en appelant en utilisant le code suivant:

    echo ws_library();

    Je n'ai pas eu la chance de tester mais je crois que ça devrait fonctionner.


    1. I may be able to do something like that eventually. What would your need be? To display distinct separate schedules of weekly events or to display continuous events of weeks that follow each other?


    1. Not at this time. The main purpose of Weekly Schedule is to display recurring weekly events. Now, that being said, are you looking for a solution to display recurring monthly events or continuous different events and display multiple months?


  14. Yannick,

    We're looking for a scheduler for our radio station and this is looking like it could do the job. However, we have shows that are biweekly as well as weekly and so I was wondering if it's at all possible to amend the plugin so we can create biweekly shows?

    Thank you.


    1. I am definitely getting a lot of requests from people who want to go beyond a single week. But many of these diverse needs are quite diverse.

      I am really still just thinking about how to implement all these things at this point.

      What type of presentation would you see for a bi-weekly show? Would you see it displayed as a monthly view similar to the one that is currently on your site? That is quite different from the simple weekly view that I currently have.


  15. Hi

    First can I say this plugin seems wonderful, exactly what I was looking for but I seem to have an issue, when I am trying to add new items the Start Time & Duration drop boxes are empty, I'm unable to select a time and therefore unable to create an entry 😦

    Could you off any advice please


    1. Hi Gordon. I have seen your comment but will only be able to investigate and give you a reply tomorrow evening. Sorry for the delay.


      1. Hi Gordon,

        Is it possible that you might have set the Start Time to be later than the End Time in the first page of the admin panel? Doing that would create an empty drop-down for the new entries.



  16. Is there some way to update the category and schedule id's in the database when they are deleted and/or changed? I see that the id numbers continue to increase even if all the categories are deleted…. This becomes a pain with styling the css!


    1. There is currently no easy way in Weekly Schedule to reset the category and schedule ID count. However, if you're handy with PHP MyAdmin, run the SQL statement: TRUNCATE TABLE (TABLENAME) after deleting all records in one of these tables and the auto-generated counter will reset back to 0.


  17. Hello Yannick.Great stuff! I used hte weekly schedule for my radiostation, but how can I start the time schedule between 06.00 AM until 05.AM (so its 24 hours schedule), because the first time must be lower then the second, so how can I make the 24 hours schedule complete? Thanks.


    1. Hi Elroy, I have not really considered that use case when I created Weekly Schedule. I was more focusing on days being 24-hour spans from midnight to midnight. Just so I understand better, why would you want midnight to 5am to be on the previous day's schedule?


  18. I have used this amazing plug in thank you and was wondering if there is a way to reset it so at the beginning of each week all the previous items in the calendar have been removed?

    SO it basically resets it self automatically on a Monday so it is blank?

    Is this possible?

    Thank you


    1. I am not 100% sure that I understand the use case here. You would want your schedule to clear out once a week automatically so that you can start filling it up with items again?


  19. A couple of more questions, Yannick — I've been changing the width of the table to fit the page and suddenly noticed a dotted line at the bottom of the table. The length corresponds to the width of the cell. Can't seem to get rid of it.

    The other question is where might I change the time: 0:30 to 12:30 (as in half past noon)? Thanks again for a great plugin. I'm going to donate now…


  20. Hi TG:

    – Dotted lines show up if some items don't fully fit within the time span that you selected. Did you increase the start time or reduce the end time so that some of your items don't fit anymore?

    – I am not sure I understand your second question. You are trying to set the start time to 0:30 and the end time to 12:30, with a half-hour division? You should just be able to set these settings in the General Settings section of the admin panel.



  21. Hi Yannick – The schedule displays 12:30pm as 0:30pm. I would like to change that if possible as we here on the left side of the pond refer to half past noon as 12:30pm.

    And then in regards to the dotted lines – they showed up after having to restyle the width of the table due to a change in page/post size. Thanks.


  22. Is it possible to have two instances of a Weekly Schedule on a single WordPress site? On a single page? For example; Tennis Court One Schedule and Tennis Court Two Schedule.



    1. Not at this time. But I am considering to add this functionality in future version. How quickly are you looking at implementing this functionality?


  23. Are there any editable fields for a category? I am trying to move the web link up to a category property.

    For example, on your tv schedule. The link to the show's website could be a category field instead of retyping it for each air time.



  24. Yannick Lefebvre April 8, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    I am not 100% sure that I understand the use case here. You would want your schedule to clear out once a week automatically so that you can start filling it up with items again?

    In reply to your question i would like it that you put all times in the schedule from mon to sunday and then when it comes to the next monday for the schedule to be empty to start the new week


  25. This is a great plugin. Is it possible to add a date feature so that a start and end date can be entered for each scheduled item, with an option to indicate a recurring event?


    1. Having event dates was never quite part of my intended functionality for Weekly Schedule, and adding them would add its lot of headaches. I do get a lot of request from people to add this type of functionality so I guess that there are not that many plugins that can show schedule grids of arbitrary events but my goal was primarily to show recurring events. I might eventually get to this but not in the near future.


  26. Hi Yannick, Things have been going well using your plugin until I ran into something. It is probably really simple, I was hoping you could take a look. I am a volunteer webmaster for a local dance company. They need to display a weekly schedule of classes at their dance studio. When I added a second scheduled item to the same day of the week, the day was split into two rows (horizontal view). Even after moving the 2nd item to another day the split still occurs.

    Here is the page:

    I have modified to code to allow for images to be used in the cells rather than text, this way I could display vertical tags. I would assume that the change I made would not have any effect on the data in side the table, I can elaborate on my change if you want.

    Sending you $5 now 🙂


    1. Hi Joe,

      Thanks for the donation. I must have a bug in my code that does not reduce the number of rows per day even after you remove all items from that additional row.

      A quick way to fix it, if you are a bit familiar with your database administration tool (usually phpmyadmin) would be to go the in wordpress database and find the table whose name ends with _wsdays. Then, find the ID of the day that is causing you a problem, and check that the schedule ID matches the schedule that you are working on, and reduce the number of rows for that day by 1.

      Let me know if this helps until I have time to go in and fix the plugin. That unfortunately won't be for another 3-4 weeks since I am very busy with an upcoming work trip.


  27. Cool! Thanks for the info, that fixed it right up. So just so you know, what I did was I accidentally created an overlapping event (1 ended at 4:30pm and the next started at 4:00pm)

    After "un-"overlapping the event the items were still on two rows.

    Thanks again.


    1. Weekly Schedule is not really designed to be used as a PHP function. That being said, if you call the function ws_library with the following arguments:

      ws_library($scheduleid = 1, $starttime = 19, $endtime = 22, $timedivision = 0.5, $layout = 'horizontal', $tooltipwidth = 300, $tooltiptarget = 'rightMiddle',
      $tooltippoint = 'leftMiddle', $tooltipcolorscheme = 'cream', $displaydescription = 'tooltip', $daylist = '', $timeformat = '24hours',
      $adjusttooltipposition = true)

      then it should render a schedule.


  28. Hiya Yannick, your "Download" button for your Weekly Schedule goes to your Tune Library download instead of your Weekly Schedule download.. just thought you'd like to know..

    Kind Regards,



  29. Hi Yannick,

    Plugin Link "Homepage" from WordPress to this plugin is broken (404)

    Is there are "live" demo where I can see this plugin in action with most or all features?

    Best regards



  30. i love your plugin. how can i make this text only? for example:


    2pm – 3pm: Event Named X

    6pm – 9pm: Event Named Y


    1pm – 3pm: Event Named X

    thanks for your help!


    1. Hi Flo, Thanks for your feedback. procuding a text output would require adding a new display mode to Weekly Schedule and I unfortunately don't have the time to add this new functionality in the next month or two. That being said, how many events are you dealing with that creating a simple page with events would be simpler?


  31. Yannick, this plugin is awesome! I'm sure a lot of ppl are requesting customizations already… well, maybe there is something ppl can do by themselves. For example, instead of outputing a table of events, maybe it is possible to show the events with descriptions and images as some sort of list. I'm able to digg into the code, but before i spend some time in there, just tell me if you think it is possible to do that. Thanks in advance and thumbs up!


    1. Hi Daniel, It's definitely possible. The best approach would be to create a new shortcode that would have its own function to render a list of some sort. I did a quick first pass, creating the new short code [flat-weekly-schedule] and will e-mail it to you so that you can dabble a bit easier. I won't have time to work more on that area for the next 3-4 weeks but at least it will let you hack something together.


  32. Thank you for the plugin.

    I was curious what it would cost to have it modified a bit. What I am trying to do is something similar to: — upper corner click on upcoming times

    Basically I was hoping to add a schedule to our church website for our live video broadcasts. For the most part, other than special events, they take place each week on the same day/time.

    Is the countdown timer the type of logic that could be easily added to this plugin?


  33. Hi Yannick. This plugin has been great. I only have one question. I was testing this out in older versions of IE on my mac and on a PC and was not able to get the tooltips to activate. In other browsers it was good to go (Safari, FF, etc.)

    Have you had this problem before? Is there something that needs to be done with IE that I missed?

    Thanks for your help.


    1. It would not surprise me that jQuery does not work as well in older browsers. Just to know, how old a browser are we talking about here?


    1. Indeed. Weekly Schedule is designed to set the first day of the week or even to skip days if you don't need to display an entire week.


  34. Hello!

    I can't seem to find out how to display the actual days of the week – I suspect if has something to do with the Day-List area of the control panel, but every value I put in there has no effect – nothing displays!


    1. You mean, how to get the schedule showing up on your site? Did you write the code [weekly-schedule] within the text of one of your pages?


  35. Hello 🙂

    No, I can make the schedule appear, but it only has the times on one axis of the "graph" and not the days. So I basically get one column, listing the times only, running down the length of my page. No days are and now shows are displayed.

    I suspect that I am not putting the proper information in the Day-List section of the control panel for the plugin. I tried using "1,2,3,4" "Mon,Tue,Wed,Thur" and "Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday" but nothing I do lets the days show up.

    Thanks for any guidance,



    1. Hi Frank. Things are getting back to normal for me after Wordcamp Montreal. 1,2,3,4 would be the correct thing to enter in the Day List… Would you allow me to access your site admin to try to see if anything else is wrong? You could send me a login and password using my contact form and I will look to see what is not working correctly.


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