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Events Listing Widget

List upcoming events in a handy sidebar widget

Allows users to create events using a new custom post type in the back-end and have then rendered in the front-end using a widget. Offers options to select how many events to display and how many months ahead they should be listed.Download link coming soon


If you feel generous and really like this plugin, here is a donation link on Paypal:


6 thoughts on “Events Listing Widget

  1. Is there a shortcode so I can put the event widget into a gutenberg shortcode block on my page? I do not want to use the default footer or sidebar widget.


  2. Is there a way to change the frontend widget title? I looked in the php file and I was able to change it on the admin side, but not the frontend. Also, any advice for adding a reoccuring event or have the option to disable dates per event.


    1. Hi and sorry for the long delay before responding. I don’t check the comments on my blog very often. Most support requests are made on the plugin pages:

      Now, for your question, you can change the widget title by setting the field called Widget Title when you instantiate the widget. It is one of 4 configuration fields when you put the widget in your sidebar.

      Can you expand a bit on what you mean by recurring event? Something that happens weekly or monthly? You can just hide the event dates by adding a CSS rule to hide the date class:

      .events-listing-date {

      Then put the event date really far in the future. But at that point, if no events have any date, you’d almost be better using a text widget and linking to a few static pages for your events, no?


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