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Community Events

Add a dynamic calendar to advertise community events to your site


If you feel generous and really like this plugin, here is a donation link on Paypal:


41 thoughts on “Community Events

  1. I am having trouble with the “Add Event” form field lengths. No matter what width I set the form itself, the entry fields just go on forever. Where can I change this code to clean it up?


    1. Can you give me the address of the site where this is happening and I can see why this is not working correctly? It might be a conflict between the plugin and your site stylesheet.


    1. Not today. But it should really not take that long for me to add support for translation. I will try to add this support in the coming week or two.


      1. Hi Herbert, Please upgrade to the latest version. You will see that the plugin now contains a languages folder with a sample .po file. Copy to the proper language that you want to create and start translating the content. You can submit the resulting file to me if you would like it added to the plugin officially.


    1. Hi Becca, Sorry for the long wait before replying. Are there specific areas of the look that you would like me to investigate specifically. While I do see that the plugin out does not look quite right on your site, what I may suggest fixing may not be what you do not like.


    1. Hi Lynn, Community Events does not work with other calendar plugins. It holds its own event calendar data in its own dedidated database tables.


  2. I downloaded Community Events last night to see if it is what I am looking for the site I manage. The problem I am having is every other day shows in black and events can’t be seen. Is there a way to fix this?


    1. Hi Jerry, can you give me the address of the page where you are trying to set this up? It may be that some of the styles defined in your site stylesheet are conflicting with the ones defined in Community Events.


      1. Hi Jerry. Why just the thank you. Did you figure it out based on my suggestion that it might be a stylesheet conflict? I looked at the URL of the site you entered in your comment and cannot find the Community Events calendar. Is it on a hidden page?


      2. I see. I missed that. You will need to make some changes to the stylesheet as some of the default colors don’t work well with your site colors.

        To change the black background of the odd lines, go to the Stylesheet section under Community Events, look for .community-events-odd and change the background-color property to something other than #000000, which is the color black. I assume you are familiar with web hex colors? Once changes, save the stylesheet and you should see the change.

        Let me know if you need any more guidance changing colors. Some of the properties, like text shadows, are coming in from your site theme, but can be overridden if you so desire.

        If you enjoy Community Events, please consider supporting its development.


    1. Hello, I do not have experience using this plugin. When you create an event in Community Events, you can provide a URL where tickets are available. Whether the URL to get tickets in on the same site or an external site, it will not change how Community Events works.


    1. Hi Chris, there is currently no RSS generation functionality for the Community Events plugin. In all honesty, there are very few active users for this plugin (90+ according to WordPress), and I barely get any support or feature requests for it. If you’re willing to fund part of this additional development, I can look at adding an RSS feed feature to it. A 75$ donation would seem appropriate given the level of effort involved ( Otherwise, chances that I’ll get to this are pretty low given the time I spend on my more popular plugins.


  3. I have 3 issues:

    I added an event on the front-end and got an email notification about it, but no way to approve it, and it’s not in the back-end to moderate or approve.

    My full schedule list doesn’t look much like it ought to. I switched themes which improved the week list, but folk can’t page forward to another week. So they’ll need the full list to see what else is coming because 1 week just isn’t enough at all in my community.

    I added 1 test event. It was yesterday. The test event I added isn’t archived at all? So it’s just gone? Wondering whether there’s any archiving on the back-end.


    1. Hi there. For the look of the calendar, I just saw that the default stylesheet code provided with Community Events was not loading correctly. Update to the latest version (1.4.7), go to the Stylesheet section of the plugin and click to ‘Reset to default’. You’ll still need to update some of the styles in the stylesheet editor to line up with the look of your site, but it will look much better this way.

      When events are submitted, they will all go to the events section of the Community Events plugin, on the right-hand side, as you can see in the following image:

      There are also buttons at the top-right of this section to select to show events that need approval. You can then select these events and approve them with a button in the top-right.

      All that being said, I must say that there are less than 100 users of this plugin and I have not done any updates to this plugin in the past two years, since no one asked any questions around it.


      1. Yannick,

        Thank you for the plugin. It look like it is exactly what I’m looking for … My issue though, I seem not to be able to populate the list of events, as shown in the image you provided above. I created four dummy events that do not show up anywhere … what am I missing?

        Thank you, Stephan


      2. Hi Stephan, I am not sure I understand your issue. I just ran a quick test activating the plugin on my test site, then creating an event for tomorrow. I then inserted the shortcode on my side ([community-events-7day]) and that displayed the calendar. When I clicked on tomorrow’s date, I saw my event.


    1. Hi Michelle. No, it is not possible to import anything other than venues using a CSV file at this time. As this plugin has a very small user base (less than 100 sites), I do not spend a lot of time enhancing it. That being said, if you’d like to fund the development of new features for it, we could discuss this via email. ylefebvre at gmail dot com.


  4. I guess I have one more question/comment. When I add an event I’m seeing the event every single day. I tried to edit the event to choose and end date and nothing happened. I deleted the event, and while it is gone from the dash board, the page still shows the event. Any fix for this?


    1. I’ve run tests on my development site and am not having this issue. The event that I added appears on the right day and only on that day. It sounds like you’re having some sort of caching issue on your site.


    1. I am not sure I understand your question. The string “Community Events” does not appear when displaying the schedule with the shortcode. Can you provide a screenshot of what you’re asking about or let me know if this is still a concern?


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