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Bug Library

Add a bug tracking system to your WordPress site

This plugin provides an easy way to incorporate a bug/enhancement tracking system to a WordPress site. By adding a shortcode to a page, users will be able to display a bug list and allow visitors to submit new bugs / enhancements. The plugin will also provide search and sorting capabilities. A captcha and approval mechanism will allow the site admin to avoid spam.


If you feel generous and really like this plugin, here is a donation link on Paypal:


5 thoughts on “Bug Library

      1. Thanks for letting me know you figured it out. Indeed, since this uses custom post types, turning off comments in WordPress turns off comments in Bug Library as well.


    1. A small potential security issue was reported on Bug Library, allowing javascript code to be executed if you were to click on a link pointing to the Bug Library admin page on your site and adding malicious code to the URL. Now, once a plugin has been flagged, the developer needs to do a complete review of the plugin, not just of the offending line of code. I did a first pass of the code base last night and will do a second pass tomorrow. Once this is done, I will be submitting the plugin for review and hope to see it go back up within a few days. If they find other issues in the code base, it could take longer for the plugin to be back online. In the meantime, don’t click on links to your site admin that relate to Bug Library unless you absolutely know them to have been generated by the plugin itself.


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