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Yannick's Corner

WordPress Plugins, Plugin Development Cookbook and random thoughts

WordPress Plugin Development Cookbook

CoverLargeAfter creating plugins for WordPress for the past eight years and speaking at the last two WordCamp Montreal conferences, I took up the great challenge of writing a book on Plugin Development for Packt Publishing. Combing all of my creations, I created a comprehensive list of recipes to make it easy to learn how to extend the most popular CMS. The result was the WordPress Plugin Development Cookbook, released in August 2012.

Since WordPress keeps evolving, I then updated my book to include new recipes and update all existing content in 2017, which became the Second Edition.

Order from one of the following retailers, based on your preferences:

Packt Publishing

Or check out your favorite book online bookstore.

12 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin Development Cookbook

  1. Hi,
    I bought your book WP Plugin Dev Cookbook, and must say it was awesome.

    But i noticed that the star counter code for book rating is not working (it displays 5 grey stars by default, but wont display my own star settings). I spent ten hours today trying to figure out why, but has not got a solution. Perhaps am missing something? Kindly help.



    1. Hi! Thanks for your feedback. I will try to test this out in the next day or two and give you feedback on any corrections that must be applied to the code to get this to work. Actually, as a starting point, you could even send me your current version of the plugin using my contact form on the site so that I won’t be puzzled if the problem is a typo in your code.


  2. Hi ylefebvre,
    Thank you for your reply,
    I am following the recipes outline in your book, as well as the source codes i downloaded from PACKT.


  3. Dear Ylefebvre,

    what can I do, so that my css styles works in the modal dialog? I include a form in the dialog, but somehow the css I included is not working.

    Thank you!


    1. Hi. To be sure I understand, you are using the Modal Dialog plugin to load up content in a popup box, but the CSS is not working. What type of content are you loading? Is it a URL somewhere on your server? If you to that URL directly, does it load the content as expected? You can communicate with me via email. ylefebvre at gmail dot com. Would be easier than through these comments. Thanks.


    1. Not at this time. It would definitely be good to do one some day, especially with all of the new things since version 5.0, but I don’t have time to undertake a revision of this book at the moment. That being said, if you run into any issues that prevent you from doing the recipe from the current edition, drop me a note.


    1. I am not sure I understand your question. I was contacted by my publisher after presenting at conferences around WordPress. I did not have a book written when I started presenting at the conferences. I wrote the book as a result of presenting at conferences.


  4. Hello Yannick,

    Reading yourself two first books, I must say they are the most valuable books on WordPress (passed the usual “what is WordPress? How to install etc… “).

    So much so that I pre ordered a copy of the 3rd one.

    Thank you!


    1. Thanks! I hope you’ll enjoy the third edition. I spent a lot of time writing two new chapters and updating the rest of the book and hope you’ll enjoy it as much as the first two editions!


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