While my work has taken me to a number of places around the globe, I had never been to Asia until now. I arrived in Singapore, a very ‘Asia-lite’ city as one of my colleagues would put it, last night to visit existing and prospective customers last night. After some well-earned rest, I decided to scope out the neighborhood in which I am staying, near the Lavender public transit station.

The first thing that surprised me is how most multi-story buildings, whether commercial or residential, have shops or food courts on their ground floors. Most of these are open air, while some have air-conditioned areas. A lot of these restaurants offer main courses for 4 S$ (Singapore Dollars). Now I understand our partners were so avidly looking for food courts when they came to Montreal at the end of last year.

Open air food court in Singapore

These food courts are extremely well attended. I guess you kind of lose the incentive to cook when you can get a meal for so cheap.

Something else I found quite unique is the way people dry their clothes in large apartment buildings. Instead of running clothes line within an inner court yard like you will often see back home, or just using the building’s wash room like I did for years, a lot of buildings have multiple holsters under the windows where residents can place long perches to with their belongings. Interesting sight!

Laundry Time: Clothes sticks in Singapore

The picture above was taken on a Sunday, which is likely why so many people were putting up their laundry at once. Still, I guess you should not walk too close to the wall to avoid getting dripped on! 🙂