WP_Theme_DevelopmentAfter having written WordPress plugins for many years, I thought it would be interesting for me to learn how to create a theme for my favorite Content Management System. Of course, I have played with theme files on a few occasions over the years, but I never created my own theme. The newly published WordPress Theme Development – Beginner’s Guide 3rd Edition is a great book to learn about theme development.

I really like the very methodical approach that the two authors take in showing you how to create a standard HTML web page, then convert it piece by piece to become a WordPress theme. By reading through these pages, anyone who is familiar with basic web page creation will be able to create a theme for their own site or for a customer.

Keeping with the times, it is nice to see that the authors prominently feature responsive design in their theme creation work to make sure that the themes that you create will work nicely across desktop/laptop computers, tablets and phones.

All in all, I enjoyed reading through this book and will be ready to tackle the next theme creation project that comes my way (as long as they don’t expect me to draw picture 🙂 )