The 2009-2010 TV season is quite drab for people like myself who are primarily interested in science-fiction dramas. First was the cancellation of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles in May, which meant that we would never know how John Connor’s time travelling adventures would lead to the movies.

Next was what seemed like a great news with the renewal of Dollhouse, a fun and dynamic drama. Unfortunately, the series got cancelled before mid-season and ended a few weeks ago.

For the few shows that were interesting, such as Flashforward and V, the Olympics completely messed up their broadcasting schedules and we have been without them for more than three months. I just hope that the episodes will be good when they finally come back.

Thankfully, Chuck finally came back in early January, after NBC decided to cancel the Conan O’Brien show and put Leno back in the late night spot. That show is always a delightful mix of action / comedy and a few sci-fi elements. I am always looking very forward to each episode week after week.


I also just discovered a show whose first season aired last summer on Syfy and which is coming back for a second season in July called Warehouse 13. Offering another fun mix of action / comedy and science-fiction, Warehouse 13 tells the story of two Secret Service agents who get assigned to protect and seek out objects with strange powers that would otherwise wreck havok on people’s lifes. It’s nothing revolutionary, sometimes seeming like just a funny version of the X-Files, but it’s something that helps to come with the lack of other good shows on the tube these days.

Warehouse 13

For a better idea on the show’s tone, check out a trailer for the first season of the show which contains scenes from multiple episodes.