At the end of the 9th day of Gabrielle’s life, we keep saying that we don’t remember Évelyne being so fussy or being so much trouble to feed. Then again, the human mind is probably designed to make you forget these kinds of things.

Yesterday was a very good day where we got some decent night the previous night and then Andrée was able to nap in the day. Today is the other hand was a very hard day since Gabrielle woke up very often to get fed last night and then again all through the day. Maybe she’s going through a growth spurt…

We just sent Évelyne off to spend a couple of days at hergrand-parents place. That should give us a bit more time to recuperate and some time for Évelyne to sleep as well. Although she does not seem to wake up when the baby cries, I think it still bothers her sleep because she has been getting cranky (although jealousy might also be the culprit there).

On a different note, as my birthday is coming up (yes, the big 30), I am planning on getting a My Book 250 GB external hard drive to store a bunch of stuff. That will make my life around the PC much easier.

Now that everyone is sleeping, I need to try to take a nap… More to come. Oh yeah, for those who are not aware: in Quebec, fathers get to take a 5-week paternity leave when their children are born. The first week of this is finishing today. So I have four more weeks to help out around the house as we get used to having this bigger family 🙂